FabioWith many musically committed years behind his belt, leading up to his true genre of destiny, Chris Intaface has also stamped his personal mark as a reputable name on the world of drum and bass for more than a decade, and he perseveres to excel whilst ascending the ladder of continued music success.

Since signing to the Groove Connection Family in 2004, which further propelled his DJ career to a greater level, Chris Intaface has never looked back, He has and continues to represent at some of the countries biggest drum and bass nights and clubs around the world, such as, the infamous Movement, Hospitality, Intrigue in Bristol, Marky and Friends, Fabric, Herbal, The Bass in Brazil, and many other hot nights including his residency at the Legendary SWERVE. Chris Intaface is renowned for his serious attitude towards his DJ sets, which is extremely recognizable and consistently vivid, in his performances, thus, Chris never fails to leave the crowd with a sense of consensual reverberations, which always receives positive, and harmoniously descriptive feedback, from party goers, raver’s and radio listeners alike, who all stand parallel, in the words they use to describe Chris’s performances. Words such as, Quality DJ, Exclusive music, sheer mixology, and Rhythmic allure, are ever present on the tongues of raving and listening masses, after they have experienced a Chris Intaface DJ set. Many of you who have followed Chris’s extensive music history, will know that The Chris Intaface sound, is not just recognized or confined to the clubs and festivals, but also transcends across radio airwaves, pod cast showcases and Audio-mentaries, not to mention the various number of Chris’s radio shows, which have been discovered on dodgy Russian websites selling for $19.99 a pop!

Which by the way, Chris Intaface has no involvement in, nor sees any profit from. Chris Intaface Spent 4 years presenting drum ’n’ bass radio shows on kiss 100, before moving on to present various freelance broadcasts, and pod casts for stations such as, Ministry of Sound and the Legendary, worldwide KOOL FM 94.6, who have recently welcomed the opportunity, to work with Chris’s talent and secure him, as their newest Presenter to join the KOOL FM force. Chris Intaface continues to resonate and vibrate his intent and purpose of perfecting his production skills, and has been hard at work in his studio Lab, creating and laying down his most passionate musical ideas and drum n bass expressions, which has already seen Chris generate a substantial amount of interest amongst the scenes biggest players, So all that is left to be said, for now is, ’(Watch, this, space!)