FabioDj Addiction aka Jason Foreman started his career in the music world way back in the days of the early rave scene. His name Addiction came from his absolute passion for buying vinyls of all genres but predominantly dance music - he was addicted to the vibe and feel good factor that the pumping bass lines gave him. As the rave movement swept the country it lead Addiction to buy his first set of decks and so the story begins..

After serving his first apprenticeship as a bedroom DJ and relentlessly recording DJ sets and handing out tapes to the main men at the time he began to find himself playing to crowds of up to 10,000+ in various warehouses up and down the country. This movement spawned the first generation of legal dance clubs in all major cities, but predominantly Manchester and London. Parallel to this came the birth of 'agents' and 'agencies' whose roles became defined as looking after all the UK's top DJ's. As the scene split into two main genres - house and breaks Addiction followed the latter and found himself with his first bona fide residency in the infamous 'Eclipse'. This lifted Addiction to the next level and eventually to his relationship with Groove Connection. This opened the floodgates to a whole new ball game - that of the London scene which at the time was still developing and finding its niche. The collaboration between Fabio and LTJ Bukem gave birth to 'Speed/Tempo', an ideal venue for Addiction to showcase his talents. Not long after came the international opportunity and the world became his playground from European gigs in chic cities like Rome and Paris to the Mecca of the technological world - Tokyo.

Although busy Addiction had also started to produce his own music and then a chance meeting with 'Carlito' at Speed lead to a memorable partnership and many legendary releases on labels which include Moving Shadow, Good Looking DeeJay Recordings, Hospital, V Recordings, Creative Source and Defunked. As Addiction's career gained momentum he was given three firm resident clubs in London to form a fan base - Swerve at the End, Movement at Bar Rhumba and Off Centre at the 333 Club. He also has lasting memories of gigs at Fabric, Heaven, The End and Bournemouth Opera House where he regularly showcased his talents. Opportunities arose to spread his name further afield with label tours and solo work as far away as the states, Brazil and just over the Channel to visit our European counterparts. Most recently whilst still playing his usual residencies at Swerve and Movement Addiction decided to travel other avenues and broaden his horizons outside of the music world. However his passion for the scene was strongly rooted and after a short break he's back and ready to finish off what he first started.after all an addiction will always be an addiction.